Biotechnology in the US

A biotechnologist is heavily informed on topics related to biology and works to create new advancements to improve our lives. So, this means that you’ll spend your time looking at the biological aspects of organisms and attempting to use the knowledge to create technology that will help our society in different ways.

This is a very hands-on job, where you’ll be working directly with cells and tissues in a lab. Some of the things you could be involved in are the creation of vaccines, food production and medicinal drugs.

Depending on which area you are most interested in, you have the chance to choose from multiple areas to work in; there are several types of biotechnologists. These include industrial, marine, agricultural, medical, and environmental. If you’re an international student or graduate looking for a job deeply involved in biology within the US, then why not do some more research on this one? It could be what you’re looking for!

Ultimate Earning Potential for International Students in the US

Position in CareerAssociated Salary (US)
Entry Level To start out your career in this sector, you’ll need to first earn your bachelor’s degree in biology. You’re also strongly recommended to search for some work experience to strengthen your resume. You’ll have to also get a master’s degree in biotechnology to become fully qualified.$39,000
Qualified Once you’re qualified, you might consider doing a PhD in biotechnology to increase your knowledge and stand out from the competition. Another thing you can do is network with colleagues and other professionals in the industry. This would introduce you to others and open more doors for you.$51,000
Experienced An experienced biotechnologist has several years of experience working in their role and are well versed in all the aspects and duties that come with the job. They may also be part of a professional society and ensure that they keep up to date with the newest developments in biotechnology.$107,000

Top 10 Employers

  1. Fishawack Health
  2. The Jackson Laboratory
  3. Corteva Agriscience
  4. Takeda Pharmaceutical
  5. UTMB Health
  6. Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  7. Intellia Therapeutics
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  9. Genesis Biotechnology Group
  10. RTI International

In the current world, just merely having a degree in the field of biology makes it harder to secure a job. As the needs of the field expand so do the niche and specialization. Having a particular specialization often increases the probability of securing a job or getting employed as well. This is also something most of the top employers prioritise, having a strong background and the ability to learn and adapt to varied skillset.

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