A nature conservation worker is someone who looks after nature and the environment. This would include matters relating to sustainability and education to promote awareness. If you choose to be a nature conservation worker, you’ll be in charge of protecting forests, mountains, rivers, woodlands and coastal areas in many different ways.

A major aspect of this job is also bringing awareness to the damage that is happening to these areas due to ignorance. So, education is very important to make sure that people understand how delicate these ecosystems are.

What you’ll be doing as a typical worker in this sector, is implementing plans to increase biodiversity, developing sustainable tactics, creating policies, monitoring areas in habitats, offering advice to others, and liaising with colleagues. As you can imagine, this role requires a certain amount of passion for the environment, so if that sounds like you then this could be your ideal career!

Ultimate Earning Potential for International Students in the US

Position in CareerAssociated Salary (US)
Entry Level To begin your journey into becoming a nature conservation worker, you’ll definitely need a bachelor’s in biology, agriculture or another relevant subject.$31,000
Experienced If you would like to be experienced and specialise in a particular area, you’ll need to earn a PhD after your first degree. This will give you all the necessary skills needed to be successful in this career path. Don’t forget that work experience is also a crucial part of gaining experience.$45,000
Senior A senior nature conservation worker would have substantial knowledge and experience and can reach positions like a manager, where they’ll offer their expertise to less experienced members and clients.$60,000

Top 10 Employers

  1. LightHawk
  2. World Wildlife Fund
  3. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  4. Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
  5. San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
  6. San Francisco Zoo & Gardens
  7. US Forest Service
  8. The Nature Conservancy
  9. Wildlife Conservation Society
  10. University of Maine

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