An editorial assistant is someone who typically works in publishing – whether in books, magazines or newspapers. They would need to have as a minimum requirement exemplary grammar and attention to detail, as well as excellent time management skills.  

What they would do is manage and support senior editorial staff in the admin, planning and producing of the publication. The type of tasks you’ll have however will be largely dependent on the type of company you work for, as well as the type of publication. One thing to bear in mind is that publications are increasingly becoming more accessible online, so make sure to consider this fact in your career search.  

As an editorial assistant some of your daily tasks may be to organise projects, handle email or phone enquires, correct manuscript and liaise with other in-house workers. Your work will include many of the skills you’ll have learnt as an English graduate, such as editing, writing, and creatively coordinating with others to produce the best piece of work. As your expertise grows, your role may grow too and include duties such as using your individual expertise to offer ideas.  


Position in Career  Associated Salary (UK)  
Entry Level Starting out as an editorial assistant means you’ll be working under a lot of people. After finishing your degree, many publishing companies are willing to take in graduates. Having a little experience would be advantageous  £23,000 
Experienced  After a few years you’ll have gained some more experience and no longer be considered in an entry level position. You may even move up and be promoted to being an editor. Either way, your responsibilities will be similar yet greater in importance. £26,500 
Senior Level At senior level salaries can start as low as £23,000. The ultimate earning potential however can be £40,000, so with hard work and dedication, you’ll definitely be able to get there!  £40,000 


  1. Faber and Faber 
  2. Springer Nature  
  3. Hay House UK 
  4. Hoxton Mini Press 
  5. Mulberry Media 
  6. Tatler 
  7. Trouva 
  8. Hachette Children’s Group 
  9. GlobalData Plc. 
  10. Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 

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