Career and employment counsellors help people in finding answers and make decisions about their career paths. They do this through a mixture of assessments and evaluations to figure out the most suitable career for them.

You could find yourself working with college students, assisting them in counselling sessions, and giving them support for any anxiety, stress, or career issues they may be having. Everybody struggles at the beginning of their career path, at the time when they’re transitioning from education to finding jobs.

A career and employment counsellor finds unique ways and uses different tools to ensure students are well equipped in dealing with all aspects of their new steps in life.

Ultimate Earning Potential for International Students in the US

Position in CareerAssociated Salary (US)
Entry Level If you’ve decided to be a career and employment counsellor, you’ll need to earn your bachelor’s degree in psychology or social science. Once you do this, the next step will be earning a master’s in counselling.$16,000
Qualified To be fully qualified you’ll need to complete an internship and pass any exam requirements for licensure that you may need.$27,000
Experienced An experienced career and employment counsellor must keep up to date with new changes on career counselling. They are also experienced in understanding the type of support each student needs.$35,000

Top 10 Employers

  1. The Center for Family Life
  2. Intermountain Healthcare
  3. Goddard Riverside Community Center
  4. Fusion Global Academy College
  5. Abacus CPAs
  6. George Washington University
  7. Broward College
  8. Zeiders Enterprises, Inc.
  9. Columbia University
  10. University of Missouri

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