Digital marketers are people who utilise a range of different digital marketing techniques in order to interact and communicate with customers online. This would include promoting your products and creating strategies in attracting customers, as well as understanding what they want.  

As you can imagine, there are different forms of digital marketing in this day and age, such as social media marketing, which is through social media platforms, search engine optimisation, through search results, and affiliate marketing. This means that you will most likely be using a variety of methods as a digital marketer to increase the number of customers and promote your product.  

Despite this being a very creative and flexible job, you will have responsibilities that you are expected to fulfil. Your common expectations are creating images for the company websites, designing website banners, managing online communications, using web analytics, and developing marketing strategies.  


Position in Career  Associated Salary (US)  
Entry Level Entry level positions are normally the first step into this industry, perhaps as a digital marketing assistant or similar. This is what most graduates do when starting out. As for qualifications, you will be expected to have a degree, preferably in a relevant subject such as media studies, journalism, marketing, or business.   $38,000 
Experienced  As you work in this career path, you will gain work experience, which is important for applying to higher paying jobs in the industry. This is because competition is very high in this sector, therefore you will have to show real interest and passion to make you stand out from others.  $51,000 
Senior  Digital marketers in a more senior position can be in management roles and have higher earning potentials. You may even want to pursue postgraduate qualifications to boost your knowledge to a deeper level.  $70,000 


  1. Collegewise 
  2. The Tapping Solution 
  3. Adswerve 
  4. Ironpaper 
  5. American Standard 
  6. Pintler Group 
  7. Whole Foods Market 
  8. ManyPets 
  9. University of Wyoming 
  10. Ramsey Solutions 

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