International Students Guide On A Career In Psychology In The UK – Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists are doctors who diagnose and administer medicine to treat conditions and is the highest paying career you can have with a psychology degree in the UK. With a starting salary of £28,243, you can become more experienced and rise to the consultant level earning £110,683.  

Most psychiatrists in the UK work for the NHS, however, in terms of career progression you may start out with a psychology degree but would have to spend at least 12 years in training as well as a medical degree to further your learning. This degree normally takes five years to complete and must be recognised by the General Medical Council. 


Position in Career Associated Salary (UK) 
Junior hospital doctor trainees 
Becoming a psychiatrist with a degree in psychology begins with a four-year accelerated course called the medical graduate entry programme. 
£28,243 – £32,691 
Specialty level trainee 
A two-year training programme involves working as a junior doctor in different departments, to achieve the Foundation Achievement of Competency Document  
£38,694 – £49,036 
Specialty Doctor 
Four years of postgraduate study is needed to be a specialty doctor, plus six years psychiatry training for a Certificate of Completion of Training and a Fellowship from the Royal Collage of Psychiatrists. 
£41,158 – £76,751 
Qualified Consultants
Consultants are an alternative route that have similar qualifications and more experience in their field  
£82,096 – £110,683 

Psychiatrists can earn ultimate salaries of up to £110, 683 depending on length of experience. This can be a demanding role yet it’s still a career that is highly sought after with equally high earning potential. 


  1. National Health Service (NHS) 
  1. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) 
  1. Harley Psychiatrists  
  1. Elysium Healthcare 
  1. Clinical Partners  
  1. Manc care 
  1. Pertemps Medical Group 
  1. University Health Board (Wales) 
  1. Pulse Healthcare 
  1. Medacs Healthcare 

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