Top employers in any sector are always looking for similar qualities in their candidates, time management, strong communication skills and problem-solving abilities. However, there are more specific skills that every job requires, that you may not have at first. But remember that everybody else is in the same boat as you, and you’ll learn more about your role once you start and receive training.

In international graduates – or graduates in general, taking initiative and being bold will always impress your employers. Anyone can have a degree, and most people do nowadays which is why it’s so much more competitive when you’re out looking for jobs. What will make you stand out is all the other factors that make you unique as an individual and as a graduate. So, talk about your previous work experience, your voluntary work, the things you’ve learnt from them and why you’re passionate about them. If you find yourself struggling to fill out your CV, that’s alright because you can still talk about your time in education, like a project at school and the skills you developed during it.

In conclusion, a career path with law is a popular route to take for many international graduates looking to work in the UK. It is a career that implements many qualities and skillsets that you would need to apply for such roles, but also helps you acquire just as many benefits. Any career in law will most likely be hard and challenging at times, but it is a sector that makes real world differences in many people’s lives all the time, and will undoubtedly bring many rewards your way.

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