A UX (user experience) designer is someone who creates easily accessible, visually appealing websites and applications. User experience is what they are concerned with, essentially aiming to make using websites and navigating them as easy as possible. Another main part of their role is to increase the number of people visiting the website, by working with the target audience in mind. As such, UX designers are people that need to understand the motivations of people and have a solid background in IT or computer science.  

The places you could work also differs, with possibilities ranging from the retail sector, to the public or government area. Despite where you work, there are duties you’ll have to complete, such as meeting with clients, using specialist tools for programs, collaborating with other team members, and redesigning websites to improve usage. Once you gain some experience and move on to a senior role, UX designers also need to oversee research and mentor junior colleagues.  


Position in Career  Associated Salary (UK)  
Junior UX Designer  To begin your career as a UX designer, you need to have a degree in computer science or graphic design – as well as a strong interest in web design. As long as your chosen degree includes design, apps development and computing, the type of degree isn’t extremely important.  £19,000 – £25,000 
Experienced  Experienced UX designers also have relevant work experience such as a work placement or internship to boost their CVs. Moreover, another way to gain more experience it to take an integrated degree apprenticeship, where you can do part-time work and study.  £30,000 – £50,000 
Senior  Senior UX designers have a large amount of responsibility and duties that they are given. After all, as their skillset grows so does their work difficulty. Pursuing a masters or postgraduate degree would therefore be beneficial to your career aims as a senior UX designer.  £40,000 – £65,000  


  1. Versende Limited 
  2. Toptal 
  3. Wunderman Thompson 
  4. Collinson 
  5. Brezaa 
  6. AND Digital 
  7. Metro Bank 
  8. Marks and Spencer 
  9. Kainos Software Limited 
  10. Lorien Resourcing Limited 

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