Data analysts are highly mathematical, organised and analytical. They are responsible for understanding data, presenting analysis and helping others make sense of the data they manage. They will generally need to be very organised and have excellent attention to detail, as well as be able to communicate well to convey their analysis to the relevant people.  

Data analysts are in fact highly sought after – in almost all sectors. This is because data is compiled and needs to be sorted in any sector, so sectors including the government, education, finance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and IT all are in search for data analysts. There are many different types of data analysts, so you will have plenty of choice in deciding which industry to work in; while all data analysts do vastly similar work, every job is different from another – even if they have the same job title. 

Some responsibilities a data analyst may have in more detail are developing records, identifying places to improve efficiency and setting up or managing automated data processes. 


Position in Career  Associated Salary (UK)  
Entry Level Data Analyst You can begin your career as a successful data analyst by earning your degree in a relevant subject, such as maths or computer science, or making sure your degree includes data analytics and statistics. £23,000 – £25,000 
Experienced Data Analyst  An experienced data analyst usually has a masters in the subject and have several years’ experience in the role. £30,000- £35,000 
High Level/ Consultant Data Analyst  As your experience grows you may be given more responsibilities to suit your level of knowledge, and in turn you might be asked to offer guidance to younger data analysts.  £60,000 


  1. Queen Mary University of London 
  2. MSA Data Analytics Ltd 
  3. G-Research 
  4. The University of Manchester 
  5. Elexon Limited 
  6. Ageas Insurance Limited 
  7. Sapphire Systems 
  8. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 
  9. Animal and Plant Health Agency 
  10. Google 

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